School Partnership Program

MedWish International welcomes the opportunity to partner with Northeast Ohio schools. We have found partnering with schools to be mutually beneficial, and we are delighted to have the chance to educate the students about our important two-fold mission: to save lives in developing countries and to save our environment locally. MedWish will work with teachers and program coordinators to develop a customized partnership that advances your school’s educational goals. If you would like to bring your students (ages 13+) to volunteer in our warehouse, please contact our volunteer manager at (216) 692-1685 or volunteer@medwish.org.

Some ideas include:

Start a fundraising campaign

Send supplies overseas, or “Adopt a Country.” To kick off your campaign, MedWish can send a representative to present photos and video of how your school/grade/class will save lives globally.

Set up your own Medical Supply Collection Program

Simply by cleaning out their medicine cabinets, students can play an active role in saving lives. Collection bins or baskets can be placed in classrooms. For a listing of supplies that are always needed, download the Hospital Donation Guide. You will notice that some of the items on our “hot list” are things you can easily find in drug stores or your own medicine cabinet – like adhesive bandages, antibiotic ointment, travel-size toiletries, toothbrushes and toothpaste. (Just remember, all donated items should be unopened and unexpired!)

Launch a “Silver for Supplies” Campaign

Collect coins in communal bins or in homerooms to sponsor a small shipment to a specific country or support MedWish in general.

Have a destination-themed school dance

Host a “party with a purpose,” or use a school sporting event as a fundraiser. Raise money before and during the event, which your school can then use to sponsor a pallet or container of supplies going to that country. Students can bring in a donation to MedWish as their “ticket” to participate in the event.

Dress Down Day

If your school has a uniform, allow each student to have a “dress down day” if they donate a dollar to MedWish.

Plan a Service Day at the MedWish warehouse

Students can tour our facility and do some hands-on sorting and packing of supplies for upcoming shipments. Must be ages 13+ and space is limited; contact us at volunteer@medwish.org to discuss the details.

Set up a world map in school

Help students identify and learn about the 90 countries MedWish has supplied.

Present to MedWish your creative idea of how to partner

We are excited to hear about what other fun, creative ways we can partner with your organization!