Corporate Volunteering

MedWish welcomes volunteers from local corporations for “Done-in-a-Day” or one-time volunteering. Your efforts will help MedWish save lives around the world while conserving our local environment.

The Job:

    • For groups of 25 or less, MedWish asks volunteers to help sort incoming medical supplies. These
      supplies would otherwise end up in our local landfills, and using your volunteer efforts we can
      send them overseas instead, where they will promote health and save lives. Requiring minimal
      training, your volunteers will open the incoming boxes and place the supplies into one of 20
      different bins (orthopedics, pediatrics, surgery, etc). No medical experience necessary!
    • For groups larger than 25, please contact our volunteer manager to discuss large group opportunities.

What to Expect:

        • MedWish will provide all the training necessary to sort medical supplies on site.
        • MedWish will provide meaningful jobs for every volunteer, along with adequate supervision during your time in the warehouse.
        • MedWish will provide a warm, welcoming atmosphere conducive to group bonding and team-building.

What to Bring:

        • MedWish requires closed-toed shoes to work in the warehouse.
        • Volunteers should wear clothes that can get dirty.
        • For volunteering days that include lunch, MedWish can provide a space to eat in our conference room and also water to drink. There are no other food-related facilities at the warehouse.
        • Please bring the MedWish Volunteer Registration Form [pdf], which should be completed and signed by each individual volunteer.

Please Note:

MedWish appreciates the opportunity to host corporate volunteers and these types of events require a large amount of MedWish’s staff time and organizational resources to plan and execute. For that reason, MedWish suggests that the corporation providing the volunteers make a donation to support MedWish. Please consider making a corporate gift of $25 per participating volunteer, or $50 per hour of group volunteering.

This donation is voluntary. Financial contributions of all sizes are greatly appreciated. We also encourage our volunteer groups to host donation drives for items like adhesive bandages, toothbrushes and toothpaste or hand sanitizer to help fill some of our areas of greatest need.

For any questions, or to sign up to volunteer, please contact our volunteer manager at (216) 692-1685 or volunteer@medwish.org.