Why donate money to MedWish? A $1 donation sends $16 worth of medical supplies overseas. For each dollar donated, 92 cents is put directly into recovering, repurposing, and redistributing supplies. Your donation leverages 3,500 hours monthly of volunteer labor and millions of dollars in donated medical supplies. Make your gift today.

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You have the ability to create a positive change in our world. MedWish International offers individuals and groups the opportunity to make a difference. Join us as we sort and pack up medical supplies to support healthcare providers around the world. Volunteer Info and Registration | Corporate Volunteering | School Partnership Program



For Individuals
Individuals wishing to donate health-related products can call the warehouse at (216) 692-1685 and schedule a drop-off of unused, non-expired medical supplies and usable medical equipment. Unfortunately, MedWish is unable to pick up medical supplies and cannot accept expired supplies.
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For Hospitals and Clinics
MedWish welcomes both one-time and regular donations from hospitals, medical clinics, nursing homes, manufacturers and other health care organizations throughout Northeast Ohio.
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Buying a new car? Why not donate your used car to MedWish through Car Program, Inc.? Your tax-deductible gift will support MedWish International’s mission and Car Program, Inc. arranges for the towing and administers the sale on MedWish’s behalf. Boats, trucks, RVs and trailers can also be donated. What a hassle-free way to help others!


Help us move mountains or should we say containers! You have a unique opportunity to empower healthcare providers around the world by using your social media network. Please contact us for more information at info@medwish.org for more information.

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