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Do you have questions about how to request donated medical supplies and equipment through MedWish, start here. If our frequently asked questions don’t address your particular question, let us know: Contact us at info@medwish.org or (216) 692-1685. We’re here to help!

Q: Why do I have to submit an application?

A: We get many calls and emails informally requesting information. By submitting an application, you’re letting us know you’re serious about proceeding and that we should actively begin coordinating your order and setting aside the items you requested. It also allows you to present your project, mission and services in detail so that we can best serve you.

Q: I do not have representation/contact in the United States, can I still apply?

A: Yes, but it may limit what kind of order we can provide. For example, many larger orders need a U.S. based organization/person to be listed as the exporter and MedWish will not usually serve as this.

Q: I am traveling abroad and have no specific overseas recipient but still want to take supplies. Can I still apply?

A: You can apply, but without an identified overseas recipient that acknowledges you are bringing the requested supplies, we may not be able to approve your request. You as the applicant are responsible for identifying and coordinating with the overseas recipient. MedWish does not provide this service.

Q: The organization sending the supplies and/or the organization receiving the supplies are not non-profits. Can we still apply?

A: Yes, but for the application to be approved and items released you must clearly demonstrate how the items will be used to distribute charitable care from within an entrepreneurial organization.

Q: Why does the application ask for so much information?

A: There are two primary reasons we ask for so much detail in the application.

The first is to help better serve you. Our staff are experts in humanitarian aid and can offer items/strategies based on your situation, but only if we know about it: What needs you are serving, what additional resources are available and what specific items will be most helpful.

The second reason we ask so many questions is so we can evaluate potential partners to ensure they are verifiable charitable entities. Just as charitable foundations must verify that grant money goes to support projects and organizations that fall within their mission, we must be diligent in ensuring that our resources are distributed as our mission and our supporters intend.

Q: Is the list of supplies on the application an active inventory of what you have in stock?

A: That list is just an example based on common donations to MedWish and may not include everything that is available (and may include items that are not available at the time of application.) You should submit a comprehensive wish list of all the supplies and equipment you would like. From this list, our staff can work with you to prioritize your list and to determine what we can provide and at what quantities.

Q: Why does MedWish ask for a fee for service?

A: The fee for service supports the organization financially and allows us to continue to operate and provide shipments to our recipients.

Q: My organization is doing amazing work and the people we serve have desperate need, but we can’t afford the fee for service. Can we still apply?

A: You are always welcome to apply. In special cases, MedWish will consider adjusting the fee for service for certain projects that can demonstrate need. These circumstances are rare, and it is important to note that shipping any item overseas is an investment.
The sponsor and/or recipient are responsible for all shipping and custom fees; MedWish cannot negotiate or assist with these third-party costs. Applicants with no/very limited finances should consider all costs before applying.

Q: Why do I need to submit a feedback report?

A: The donors who contribute dollars and products to support our shipments want to know where their donations went. By providing feedback, you empower us to demonstrate the impact of their support to our stakeholders so we can keep getting donations of supplies and equipment (and can keep supporting projects like yours.) It also allows us to make continual improvements to our programs.

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