Available Services

MedWish provides donated medical supplies and equipment in highly customized shipments to meet the needs of hospitals, medical professionals and volunteers providing health care in developing countries and areas in crisis around the world. Please review the services available through MedWish before submitting your request.

Available Inventory

The MedWish inventory changes constantly. An example list of commonly available items is available on our website, but we cannot guarantee that requested items will be in stock. Our inventory is sorted to remove expired, soiled, and/or broken items.

We do not distribute pharmaceuticals. We also do not have inventory that falls outside of the general “medical supplies and equipment” categories, such as household or office furniture, food or clothing.

Once we receive your application, our staff will work closely with you throughout the fulfillment process to match our inventory with your needs.

Hand-carried shipments

Our hand-carried shipments fuel smaller projects, like medical mission trips for individuals and groups. Our commitment to customization begins with hand-carried shipments, which allow our partners to take only what they need and check it with their luggage. Hand-carried shipments can range from a small box to several suitcases for your group.  Recipients must make an appointment if picking up supplies at the MedWish Warehouse. Please call 216.692.1685.

**Please note: To receive a hand-carried shipment, you must have a contact at your international destination who can provide a wish list of needed items for humanitarian/charitable health care. MedWish does not provide coordinating services between travelers and potential recipients.**

Freight shipments

For outfitting clinics, hospitals and larger projects, MedWish fulfills wish lists for freight shipments ranging from a single pallet to a ready-to-ship 40’ overseas cargo container.

Alternative Recycling

MedWish partners with domestic nonprofits (including animal shelters and schools) to repurpose supplies unfit for humanitarian aid distribution. The following supplies are kept in our inventory. They are no longer sterile and/or are expired, and therefore cannot be distributed for medical use:

  • Surgical/exam gloves
  • Operating room sheets and drapes
  • Plastic bins and basins
  • Cotton/gauze pads and rolls
  • Medical tape
  • Cloth operating room towels

These supplies can be used for teaching, art projects, cleaning supplies, etc.

If there are other expired/non-sterile supplies you are interested in receiving for non-medical use that are not on this list, you may submit your request for consideration. Those interested in receiving supplies should contact us at info@medwish.org or (216) 692-1685 with questions, or complete the Alternative Recycling Application and return it to info@medwish.org to begin the process of receiving supplies.

Technical Assistance

Recipients of MedWish supplies must coordinate their own shipping and customs arrangements. If you are new to overseas shipping, we may be able to refer you to resources for more information to help with the process.

MedWish is always in need of technical expertise from biomedical technicians to test and repair donated equipment. If you are a biomedical technician who lives near Cleveland and would like to volunteer your services, please visit our volunteer page to learn more.

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