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INTERNATIONAL OUTREACH – Request Donated Medical Supplies and Equipment for International purposes

Thank you for your interest in receiving medical supplies and/or equipment through MedWish’s humanitarian aid program.

We will work closely with you throughout the process, but it’s a good idea to review information and requirements before submitting a request.

To our established partners: We have updated some of our practices, including feedback requirements, to help us continually improve our processes. Please take a few minutes to read about these updates.

We know that there’s a good amount of reading to do. But saving lives is a serious business, and we’re committed to ensuring that the shipments we prepare provide the maximum benefit for the people we serve. That means making sure our partners are well-informed. Once you’ve taken some time to review all this information, please contact us to answer any questions you still have: (216) 692-1685 or info@medwish.org.

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MedWish International partners with local agencies in order to fulfill the needs of our local community. We’ve realized that every day, many families and individuals struggle to find assistance in getting the medical equipment they need to improve a loved one’s quality of life. This program supplements our mission and allows us to serve vulnerable populations in Cleveland and around the United States.

If you are a local or domestic social agency making a request on behalf of a recipient, please CLICK HERE to learn about eligibility, available services, financial responsibility, and to complete the application form.

Alternative Recycling

MedWish partners with domestic nonprofits to re-purpose supplies unfit for humanitarian aid distribution. They are no longer sterile and/or are expired, and therefore cannot be distributed for medical use. Alternative Recycling Info.

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