What does Philanthropy Mean to You?

Guest post from Director of Program Advancement, Traci Christler:

MedWish was recently highlighted among several other nonprofits in Cleveland by the Foundation Center as an example of the incredible impact of nonprofit organizations in Cleveland. We are honored to be included as a sampling of philanthropy in the city.

There are thousands of nonprofit organizations in the Cleveland area, many different, but all with noble goals and missions. Looking at the graphic, I started to think about what the word “philanthropy” really means. For some people, philanthropy is financial and they send in a personal check or have a bake sale and donate the proceeds. Others see philanthropy as a contribution of their time and talents, helping to build a house or mentoring students in an after school program. If you ask my aunt, she will tell you that philanthropy is spending time at an animal shelter or cleaning up debris from the beaches.

Philanthropy means lots of different things to lots of different people, so my question to you is: What does philanthropy in Cleveland mean to you?

I am proud of what MedWish has been able to accomplish in Cleveland so far, and with our 20th Anniversary coming next year, I’m looking forward to continuing our work. But we don’t do it alone. We have a fantastic group of volunteers that work with us each day and numerous partners in the corporate and nonprofit communities.

To celebrate philanthropy in Cleveland, MedWish is having an Instagram contest. Upload a photo on Instagram and show us what philanthropy in Cleveland means to you. (Here’s an example from our Instagram feed.) Tag @medwishintl and use the hashtag #DoGoodCLE with your post by November 12 for a chance to win two tickets to our Huddle with MedWish.

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