Top 10 Most Requested Items

…that we never have in stock!

Guest post from Andres Perez-Charneco, director of operations.

Hello there, health care professionals! Have you ever wondered, as you are dropping those collected items into the MedWish donation bin, what else you could be doing to help us?

Of course, you have! Because you worked ever so hard those umpteen years in school and you are ever so pretty.

You can help further by checking out our list of commonly requested items that are a bit trickier to fill from our supply chain. You can make someone’s day by placing these in our hands.

  • Suture. Just like the strings in string theory, these little threads are all around us and make entire orders move. We can’t really see them, but we somehow know they are there. We think.
  • Stethoscopes. Entire groups of doctors are unaware the groove is, indeed, in the heart without these.
  • Sterile Surgical Gloves. Do you double glove to keep yourself extra safe in procedures? Well, so do our very well trained surgical recipients whose hands are just about your size…
  • Blood Glucose Test Strips. MedWish has enough meters to set up clinics for life. Too bad none of those meters come with the matching strips. Imagine that time that at your first apartment and your friends brought over some lovely bottle of Shiraz and you had no corkscrew. How awkward. Try telling that to every applicant…
  • Sterile OR Gowns. Our recipients look just as fashionable as you do in these little numbers, but they are ever so safe and ensure proper infection control.
  • Sterile OR Drapes. How exciting it is to find a sterile three-quarter sheet especially after digging through a mound of their non-sterile cousins. I’ve seen enough blue plastic sheets for hundreds of macabre white sales, but never enough little plastic sheets vacuum-sealed in plastic sheets.
  • Toothbrushes. Do you not like those sample brushes that the dentist gives you after a check up? You only use Oral-B, eh? Good for you and your brand loyalty! You’re stimulating the economy. Meanwhile, we have dozens of kids in 90 countries that could really use that toothbrush. Not at once, of course! Go get more from your dentist!
  • Toothpaste. What do you think they are going to put on that toothbrush? That’s right, the toothpaste you donated, good friend!
  • Stainless Steel Vaginal Specula. As a young man, I would never have imaged the glee that would enter my besmirched heart upon finding these, but, life’s funny like that.
  • Tongue Depressors. A very true and very “Of Mice and Men” moment at MedWish happened when, in the sheer excitement of finding one popsicle stick, I reached into the bin and snapped it in half.
  • Band Aids. Yeah, just like the ones mom used to use for “Owies” and “Boo boos.”

We appreciate all our supply donors, so do not think that your item is unappreciated. We love seeing these in our catch of the day and want to match their need with your willingness to help.

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