The gift of mobility for disabled children

A well-planned container of humanitarian aid is truly the gift that keeps on giving, as demonstrated in Korogwe, Tanzania.

We just received these photos from our partner on the ground, Brendan Knoblauch, who recently returned from a visit to the Kwa Mkono Disabled Children’s Center. From a recent container shipment to nearby St. Raphael’s Hospital, Brendan and his team were able to donate several PET vehicles. These “Personal Energy Transportation” carts are hand-cranked wheelchair-like devices. With rugged wheel-barrow tires and inexpensive, easily maintained parts, they provide mobility to people with physical disabilities all over the world.

Now, children with amputations and other disabilities at Kwa Mkono are using the vehicles to get around a little easier.

“The carts have made a big difference in the quality of life for the children,” Brendan reported. “They have to travel about a quarter mile to school and using the carts is much easier than wheelchairs. They said they need more.”

A physical disability in the developing world can be isolating and financially devastating, but with the love and support of the children’s center and the mobility afforded through these PET carts, these children are getting an education that will prepare them for brighter futures.

As always, this success wouldn’t be possible without the support of our donors, partners and volunteers. You can help us send more life-transforming medical supplies and equipment where they are needed most. Make a gift, sign up to volunteer or share this story about our work using the social media buttons above.

Together, we can make sure these gifts really do keep on giving.

We began receiving regular PET Cart donations (both children’s and adult sizes) last year and are grateful to partner with PET International to be able to supply them.

Great work, congrats!

by Monica Ponsky on June 2, 2013

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