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Lincoln-West Students Bring Supplies to the Dominican Republic

This past winter, a group of students from Lincoln-West High School packed their bags and carried supplies to the free clinic in Veron, Dominican Republic.


For the trip, students were provided with over 110 lbs. of supplies from MedWish International to carry in their backpacks. Supplies included carry-on items for the plane such as gauze, bandages, diapers, and baby formula.


Lincoln-West is a local Cleveland high school that has a global focus. Students have traveled to the impoverished district of Veron, Dominican Republic for over 4 years, providing support to the local community. Many in this area have little access to clean water, electricity, healthcare or education. Lincoln-West has given aid to schools, orphanages, and now a clinic in this community.


Before 2005, those in Veron had virtually no health services available to them. The local population had to travel as far as 50 miles to see a doctor. The local clinic in Veron has begun to fill this gap in services. Some of the clinic’s services include laboratory and pharmacy services, family medicine, gynecology, pediatric care, and emergency services. The clinic serves roughly 52,000 patients annually, which is an amazing feat considering that it is made up of less than 10 staff members!


Lincoln-West service trips have been so successful that the clinic of Veron has been added to the school’s list of support recipients. Lincoln-West is now partnering with MetroHealth to add a Health Services component to their curriculum, giving them additional momentum and inspiration to continue helping free clinics in the Dominican Republic.


MedWish is very excited to work with Lincoln-West students and looks forward to helping them MAKE THEIR MARK for years to come!


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