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How we’re helping in the Philippines

This photo was taken by Dr. Carmencita Damian of the Association of Philippine Physicians of Ohio during a past medical mission to the Philippines. We have been working with groups like APPO for years, and our hearts ache to think what these children, their families and their communities are experiencing today. We cannot imagine the grief and terror of the people of the Philippines, but we are committed to helping them today, tomorrow and for long into the future.

They said, “We will need help.”
We hear you. We will help.
When natural disasters occur many of your instincts want to reach out and help immediately.  That is our response at MedWish as well.  However, we have learned over the years how we can make the most impact.  During the initial phases of search and rescue we are busy talking with other organizations locally, nationally and internationally.  It is critical that we provide the right supplies to the right relief organization on the ground.  We are currently having such discussions to plan to provide well coordinated and appropriate medical support for the long term.  While the images we see daily are unimaginable today, the real work will continue for months and years, way beyond when the last TV camera leaves, and MedWish will be here to help rebuild the medical infrastructure in the devastated areas.

How MedWish is Responding in the Aftermath of Typhoon Haiyan

MedWish is collaborating with existing partners to assess immediate needs and identify the best ways to provide shipments of supplies moving forward. As roads, airports and seaports remain impassable and residents struggle with immediate survival, MedWish is prepared to provide medical supplies to be hand-carried by relief organizations traveling to provide emergency medical aid.

Yesterday, representatives from the Tugaoen Medical Mission Fund traveled from Columbus to MedWish in Cleveland to pack more than 100 pounds of medical supplies. This shipment will fuel response efforts of a group based out of Toledo, Ohio. Members of the group will spend 1-2 weeks in the Philippines providing emergency medical assistance, primarily treatment of wounds, trauma and infection, and will assess what next steps should be taken for a return trip.

“The group was planning a medical mission for the spring, but when this happened all plans changed,” said Dr. Jasmine Trouten, who works at the Veterans Administration Hospital in Columbus, Ohio and has traveled to the Philippines with her family to provide medical care in the past. Dr. Trouten’s sisters, Dr. Jeanne Zuber and Dr. Joy Russ, and her brother Justin Tugaoen, an anesthesiologist, will also be traveling.

Dr. Trouten submitted an application for supplies and was able to pick them up within 24 hours to deliver to her family for this trip. This example illustrates MedWish’s greatest strength in providing Philippines disaster relief at this time: The organization can equip doctors, aid workers and nonprofit organizations traveling to provide emergency assistance with fairly short notice and in nearly any quantity. While the organization anticipates most responders will need to carry donations with them in travel, MedWish encourages those organizations with future plans for freight shipments to get in contact.

At this time, MedWish is not launching a public donation drive for medical supplies. Once its partners on the ground identify the most-needed items, MedWish may call for items that the general public can donate.

How You Can Help

Make a Gift

To support ongoing shipments, MedWish has begun to accept financial donations to aid to the Philippines. Those who wish to give can visit www.medwish.org/donate or call (216) 692-1685.

Request Supplies

Anyone planning to travel to the Philippines to provide relief efforts can request medical supplies via MedWish’s online application at www.medwish.org/get or by calling Andres Perez-Charneco at (216) 692-1685. While MedWish generally requests that applications for hand-carried shipments be completed at least four weeks before travel, employees will make every effort to fulfill short-notice requests for the Philippines.


Thousands of volunteers sort and quality check donated medical supplies to fulfill shipments at MedWish each year. While the supplies you touch may eventually ship to any of the 90 countries MedWish serves, volunteers help ensure that supplies are available when they are urgently needed, especially in disaster relief shipments. Individuals and groups can register to volunteer at www.medwish.org/volunteer or by contacting David Cicerchi at (216) 692-1685.

Still working out things and will get back to you soon. Thanks

by Kish Ambili on July 19, 2014

i am interested in donating two medical examine tables. can you forward me information on this? I am from Boston Mass USA Area
Thank You
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by de la Cruz on August 13, 2014

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