Expanding Relationships at MedWish International

The Association of Physicians of Pakistani descent of North America Ohio Chapter (APPNA-Ohio) and the Sindh Institute of Urological Transplant in Karachi, Pakistan have been longtime supply recipients of MedWish International. APPNA-Ohio is an organization of physicians of Pakistani descent living in Ohio. They are dedicated to humanitarian projects and to helping people in need. Their mission of helping others comes from the belief that an individual’s success is only meaningful if he/she does something with it. In order to fulfill this belief, members put substantial efforts into helping communities and organizations on a local and global scale.


Through their partnership with MedWish, APPNA-Ohio sends medical supplies overseas to the Sindh Institute of Urological Transplant in Karachi, Pakistan. The Sindh Institute provides specialized medical care to the local Karachi population. What makes the Sindh Institute so unique is that their services are FREE OF CHARGE. They operate in this way because they follow the philosophy that no one’s health should suffer due to an inability to pay for medical treatment. Since MedWish began working with APPNA-Ohio in 2012, six 40′ containers of supplies have been shipped to the Sindh Institute. This is an enormous amount as each individual container ranges in weight between 18,000 lbs-22,000 lbs!


With the help of Dr. Shahid Sheikh, MedWish’s main contact with APPNA-Ohio, MedWish receives supplies from Nationwide Children’s Hospital on a monthly basis to be sent to the Sindh Institute. This has included beds, mattresses, urological and ostomy supplies, wound care supplies, patient furnishings, ultrasounds, EKG’s, and vital sign monitors. Recently, APPNA-Ohio began supporting a pediatric unit and has sent items such as infant incubators, pediatric medical supplies, and cribs. Supplies donated to MedWish from Nationwide Children’s Hospital are helping thousands of people in need through APPNA-Ohio and the Sindh Institute. Without their generous donations, MedWish would not be able to provide these vital and lifesaving supplies. With their help we are truly able to MAKE OUR MARK on the lives of those in need in Pakistan.


As MedWish’s relationship with APPNA-Ohio continues to grow, we anticipate that there will be many more stories to share from the Sindh Institute!

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