MedWish Staff

Executive Staff

Carolina Masri

Executive Director 

Carolina Masri, Executive Director, joined MedWish’s team in August 2015 after moving to Cleveland from Miami, Florida. Carolina oversees the heads of the different departments, including, operations, marketing, program development, volunteers, and fundraising. She was born in Venezuela and has been in the nonprofit world for the past 10 years. Her last non-profit journey was with ALSAC/St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, and in 2014 she was recognized as one of the 25 most powerful women by People en Español. Carolina is fluent in Arabic and Spanish.

Britta Harman Latz

Associate Executive Director

Britta Latz joined the MedWish team in November 2015 as the Director of Business Operations. In March 2018, she transitioned into the role of Associate Executive Director. In this role, Britta oversees business operations , included finances and human resources, and also works with the MedWish team on the internal operations of the MedWish warehouse. In addition to these two roles, Britta served as a summer intern at MedWish in 2009 and 2013, and volunteered on many occasions before joining the staff. Britta has a Master’s degree in Diplomacy and International Commerce with a focus in international development, a graduate certificate in global health, and a Bachelor’s degree in French and Religious Studies.

Staff Members

Daniel Cook

Reprocessing & Sorting Associate

Dan joined the MedWish team in June 2018. In his reprocessing role, he works to increase the amount of supplies prepared for and shipped to MedWish’s reprocessing partners and to increase the overall sorting of supplies at MedWish. Dan is a nonprofit administration student at Cleveland State who has gained an interest in local nonprofit organizations helping not just greater Cleveland, but on a global scale as well. Outside of work, he enjoys the local food, art, cultural, and music scene that Cleveland has to offer. He also loves meeting new people and engaging with the community whenever he has the chance.

Caley Haehn

Volunteer Program Manager

Caley Haehn is the Volunteer Program Coordinator at MedWish International. Prior to joining MedWish in August 2017, Caley worked at an elementary school helping kids with behavioral issues and troubled home lives. A licensed social worker, she has always been passionate about helping others in any way she can and was thrilled to join the nonprofit world when the opportunity arose. Outside of work, Caley loves to spend time outdoors.

Jennifer Buck

Humanitarian Aid Program Manager

Jennifer Buck started in November 2017 as the Inventory Specialist at MedWish. In April 2018, she transitioned into the role of Humanitarian Aid Program Manager. Jennifer works with all of our humanitarian aid recipients, and oversees our reprocessing and alternative recycling programs. Jennifer comes to MedWish with over 14 years of inventory experience, most recently serving as an Operations Manager for over eight years at Staples Office Supply. Jennifer has a Bachelor’s degree from SUNY Stonybrook in Environmental Studies, with a concentration waste management. Outside of work, Jennifer is an avid hiker, crafter, and reader.

Rondal Hightower

Inventory & Humanitarian Aid Associate 

Ron started at MedWish in May 2018 as the Inventory & Humanitarian Aid Associate. Ron oversees the processing, data entry, and storage of durable medical equipment and boxed inventory assets at MedWish. Ron is an 21 year US Army veteran with majority of that time spend on overseas assignments, and with 4 tours to Iraq. His hobbies include fishing, cooking and a love for college and professional football.

Kathleen Kalafatis

Volunteer Supervisor & Alternative Recycling Associate

Kathleen Kalafatis joined the MedWish team in October 2017 as the Volunteer Supervisor & Sorting Associate. In April 2018, Kathleen also began working with MedWish’s Alternative Recycling program and works with all of the recipients of these supplies. In addition, Kathleen supervises volunteers during daily sorting events. She also works alongside the Volunteer Program Coordinator to assist in the management of the supply sorting process. Kathleen has a Bachelor’s degree in Neuroscience from The College of Wooster.

Dresden Limpach

Warehouse Associate & Driver

Dresden Limpach joined the MedWish team in September 2016. In many ways, he is the face of MedWish for our hospital champions as he conducts our supply pickups in our MedWish truck and drives around much of Northeast Ohio on his routes. He also helps receive pickups into our warehouse and helps maintain the flow and storage of our supplies. Outside of work, Dresden enjoys tinkering with hobby electronics and computers. He also loves playing video games.

Tony Monaco

Facilities & Warehouse Manager

Tony is the Facilities & Warehouse Manager at MedWish. He first became involved as an intern in 2014, became an Inventory Associate in May 2015, and moved into his current position in August 2017. Tony oversees our warehouse and warehouse team, along with the inbound donations of medical supplies and durable medical equipment.

Jennifer Reese

Sorting Associate

Jennifer Reese joined the MedWish team in November 2018 as part of a temporary sorting project. Due to Jennifer’s amazing work, her position was turned into a long-term role at the conclusion of this project. Jennifer focuses on fine sorting operations and the bulking of supplies at MedWish.

 John Thompson

Warehouse Associate & Driver

John Thompson (JT) joined the MedWish team in July 2017 to assist with MedWish’s warehouse relocation. Following the move, JT joined the staff as a fulltime Warehouse Associated & Driver. In this role, JT assists with the movement of supplies throughout the MedWish warehouse and conducts pick-ups in the MedWish truck at local donor locations. Outside of work, he loves exercising and helping the community.

 Betsy Werbel

Fundraising Director, Music for MedWish

Betsy officially joined the MedWish in December 2018. During 2018, she hosted 3 Music for MedWish events in Cleveland, Chicago and Sea Bright. She also performed during MedWish’s 25th Anniversary Gala Mission Moment. In this role she works with different hosts who are willing to offer their homes or businesses for the execution of this beautiful event. She works to raise funds and increase awareness. Betsy is a proud alumni of the University of Cincinnati-College Conservatory of Music (CCM). Betsy comes directly from the Broadway company of Wicked. She has been on Broadway and in the national touring companies of Wicked and Les Miserables. Outside of work, she has been trying to find a way to combine her love for music and her passion for wanting to help people.

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