Mission Statement

MedWish International is a not-for-profit organization that saves lives and the environment by repurposing discarded medical supplies and equipment to provide humanitarian aid to people in need.

Value Statement

MedWish International provides donated medical supplies to individuals and organizations that administer care to suffering people in under-served areas regardless of race, religion, or political affiliation. Medical supplies and equipment provided by MedWish International may not be sold.

Core Values

MedWish conducts itself according to the following core values:

Humanitarian Focus – we are dedicated to providing medical aid to lessen the burden of suffering people regardless of religious or political affiliation.

Environmental Consciousness – we look for every opportunity to recover, recycle and redistribute all in-kind donations.

Community Benefit – we give back to the community through the use of local services, employment and partnerships.

Integrity – we do the right thing operationally, financially and socially.

Respect for Our Employees, Volunteers and Partners – we support an environment of respect, collaboration and safety.

About Us