The Humanitarian Aid program at MedWish exists to provide humanitarian aid workers, hospitals and clinics supplies to improve lives for people in developing and crisis-stricken countries. If you are interested in receiving supplies through MedWish, please review all of the following information and submit the appropriate application.


MedWish is committed to ensuring ethical, effective and recipient-focused services. Applicants must meet the following eligibility requirements:

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Available Services

Available Inventory

The MedWish inventory changes constantly. We keep a list of medical equipment and consumable supplies that are commonly available. We do not distribute pharmaceuticals. Once we receive your application, our staff will work closely with you throughout the fulfillment process to match our inventory with your needs.

Hand-carried shipments

Our hand-carried shipments fuel smaller projects, like medical mission trips for individuals and groups. Our commitment to customization begins with hand-carried shipments, which allow our partners to take only what they need and check it with their luggage. Hand carried shipments can range from a small box of wound care items to several suitcases for your group. **Please note: To receive a hand-carried shipment, you must have a contact at your international destination who can provide a wish list of needed items for humanitarian/charitable health care.**

Freight shipments

For outfitting clinics, hospitals and larger projects, MedWish fulfills wish lists for freight shipments ranging from a single pallet to a ready-to-ship 40’ overseas cargo container.

Alternative Recycling

MedWish partners with domestic nonprofits (including animal shelters and schools) to repurpose supplies unfit for humanitarian aid distribution. The following supplies are kept in our inventory. They are no longer sterile and/or expired, and are therefore not distributed for medical use:

These supplies can be used for teaching, art projects, cleaning supplies, etc. If there are other expired/non-sterile supplies you are interested in receiving for non-medical use that are not on this list, you may submit your request for consideration. Those interested in receiving supplies should complete an application form

Technical Assistance

Recipients of MedWish supplies must coordinate their own shipping and customs arrangements. If you are new to overseas shipping, we may be able to refer you to resources for more information to help with the process.

MedWish is always in need of technical expertise from biomedical technicians to test and repair donated equipment. If you are a biomedical technician who lives near Cleveland and would like to volunteer your services, please visit our volunteer page to learn more.

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Financial Responsibility

While there is no charge for the medical supplies themselves, recipients are asked to pay a fee to cover the costs of our operations — the volunteer, inventory and quality management that ensure we have the supplies to meet your needs.

Fees for Service

Freight Shipment – Overseas
-40’ container (or equivalent) | $7,500
-20’ container (or equivalent) | $4,000

Freight Shipment – Domestic (for further processing prior to international shipment)
-20’ box truck | $2,000
-Pallet | $400

For all freight shipments, a 50% non-refundable deposit is due prior to packing list assembly with remaining fees payable prior to shipment.

Hand-carried supplies
Custom packed and shipped | $3 per pound
Custom packed and picked up at MedWish | $2 per pound
Self-service shopping | $1 per pound

Custom packed orders require a $50 deposit prior to order assembly. Once order is assembled, sponsors will be reimbursed if final fee is less than $50, or will have the balance due prior to shipment. Self-serve clients are asked to pay fees before they leave with the items.

Alternative Recycling Supplies
Alternative recycling supplies are provided at no cost to domestic recipients for non-medical use. Donations are welcome!

Payment Options
The following payment options are available: U.S. check, credit card (Visa, Mastercard, Discover) or wire transfer.

Financial Hardships
Partner organizations are expected to make a good faith effort to raise funds to cover their fee for service. In special circumstances, MedWish may work with partners to identify potential fundraising or grant funding opportunities to cover shortfalls.

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Application Process

New partners must complete an application. We will follow up with you within three business days of your application submission. Application forms are available here:

Information you will need for the application (alternative recycling excluded)

Once you have gathered this information, you can complete the appropriate application:

You will receive an email confirmation once your application is submitted. If you need technical assistance in completing the application, please email info@medwish.org or call 216.692.1685.

Repeat Requests

Returning partners who have worked with MedWish before may contact our staff directly to coordinate future shipments, though if significant time has lapsed or there are changes to your organization’s status or affiliations, we may request an updated application.


All applicants should permit ample time for order processing: at least two weeks for alternative recycling orders, four weeks for hand-carry supplies and eight weeks for freight shipments.


Through this program we intend to achieve sustained, lifesaving impact on health care in developing countries. Your feedback is essential to this process. All recipients are expected to report back with relevant data and narrative on the impact of MedWish supplies on their work, their patients and their communities.

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